Plenty's is a very popular ice cream and waffle shop that has been featured a lot in the media.A magical ice cream full of smiles and spirits...!
I wish there was a better homemade ice cream shop nearby ・・・。
With that in mind, the Plenty's was opened on March 25, 2005 along Yuzodori, the seaside of Chigasaki.

Plenty's  Chigasaki

Tel. 0467-88-0013
1-7-28 ChigasakiHigashikaigan, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Plenty's Crape terraccemall shonan

1-3-1 Tsujidojindai, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Plenty's Cafe Odakyu Department Store

4th floor of Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Main Building 1-1-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Plenty's was born in Chigasaki in 2005.
Starting with ice cream, we spread the circle of smiles with various sweets.

March 2005

I wish there was a better homemade ice cream shop nearby ...。
With that in mind, the Plenty's was opened on March 25, 2005 along Omidori, the seaside of Chigasaki.
"mixing and mixing" ice cream made on marble at minus 20 degrees Celsius with your favorite ice cream and toppings, has become very popular.
"A magical ice cream full of smiles and bursting in your heart" is Plenty's catchphrase.
We are particular about freshness and handmade, and we do not make ice cream in advance, but make only what we need in the early morning of the day.


Prenties, for two consecutive years,
He appeared in "Ice Cream Shop Championship" on TV Tokyo's popular program "TV Champion 2".
And I was able to win the championship.

November 2011

The long-awaited new store is a crepe specialty store in the terrace mall Shonan.
Of course, just like ice cream, we are very particular about taste.
The crepe that is carefully baked one by one has a crisp texture and yet has a moist flavor.
We are particular about whipped cream that goes well with crepes and toppings.

May 2012

"central kitchen" was born in Chigasaki Seika Ichiba, Takada, Chigasaki City.
It was opened to develop new menus and sell ice cream directly.

August 2013

A restaurant that serves freshly baked waffles and specialty coffee in August 2013, a 1-minute walk from the south exit of Chigasaki Station.
"Plenty's Waffle & Coffee" is now open.
The waffles made with a unique method do not stick to the concept of waffles until now. The crunchy and light texture is overflowing with originality. It has a delicious taste that you can eat as many as you want at once.

*We will be closing on May 24, 2015.
From now on, you can continue to purchase waffles at the following stores.
プレンティーズ 茅ヶ崎本店 / プレンティーズ クレープ テラスモール湘南店 / スーパーマーケット クラウン

December 2013

In December 2013, the 5th "Plenty's Cafe" opened in the Odakyu Department Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
At "Plenty's Cafe", you can enjoy not only Plenty's icecream, but also crepes, galettes, roll cakes, and specialty coffees from "27 COFFEE ROASTERS" that you can't find anywhere else.

November 2015

In November 2015, Luska Chigasaki opened its 6th store, the "Plenty's Juice".
At "Plenty's Juice" you can enjoy fresh juices made with vegetables and fruits from the Chigasaki and Shonan areas.

February 2017

In February 2017, the "Pretty Parlor" opened at the intersection in front of East Coast Hall along Omidori, on the seaside side of Chigasaki.
We offer a wide range of useful gift items for small Chigasaki gifts and gifts.
They also sell freshly baked waffles, American sweets and cup ice cream that you won't get tired of eating every day.
In addition, there is an eat-in space where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch plate and tea time.
You can enjoy a waffle and ice cream set or a famous parfait that can only be enjoyed here.

March 2018

Chigasaki main store was moved and integrated with Parlor in March, 2018, and started as a new Pretty's main store!
The ice cream mixed on the marble of minus 20 degrees is only available at the Chigasaki main store!
You can choose any combination of deliciousness. Have some Plenty's Ice Cream!
They also sell fresh baked waffles, American sweets and cup ice cream that you won't get tired of even if you eat them everyday as a small gift or gift from Chigasaki.
We also have an eat-in space where you can enjoy freshly baked waffles, ice cream, American sweets, and light meals that you won't get tired of eating every day!

The circle of deliciousness of Prenty's is spreading!
We will continue to provide delicious Prenties-like sweets and fun topics.